HELLO!  I'm Francesca...

Your soulful guide to unlocking your innate power and embracing your true essence on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment like never before.

I'm here to support you as you explore the depths of your being, dissolving the barriers and healing past fractures that have held you back. You get to re-write your story!

As a VITA™ certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and Psilocybin Facilitator, I specialize in a range of sacred & somatic tools to support you in rediscovering your unique magic.

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Step into a realm of unparalleled self-empowerment, where your inner magic takes center stage and your authentic radiance shines unapologetically.

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Unleash Your Inner Radiance- Embrace Your True Essence ~ Reclaim Your Power ~ Embody Your Authentic Self

Transformative 1:1 Coaching


A Transformative Path to Healing and Self-Discovery

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Read What Clients Are Saying

“When I started to work with Francesca, I was feeling very low and I felt I’d lost all my strength. I had tried different ways to get my power back but it didn’t work.
 Francesca helped me in a way that was very open, by letting me figure out where my own boundaries, spirit, sexuality and strength are. She helped me to reclaim my own inner authority-my own inner queen, who is the only one that can tell me what is right or wrong.
 Through visualizations, breathwork and meditations, we explored the different feminine archetypes in my inner landscape. I now know that those archetypes are all part of me and can always be called upon when needed.
 What I love most is that she handed me the tools to see and heal myself. For that I am forever grateful because those tools will now always be in my reach.
 Francesca’s energy is so positive and light and I always felt safe with her because she is very gentle when she feels something is difficult. 
 I wish that every woman could experience this journey. The world is clearly in need of powerful, beautiful women who are in touch with their magic sexuality, all in their own way. Through her work, I feel that Francesca is calling for the divine feminine to rise!”

"Coaching with Francesca has been tremendously transformative. I have been given greater awareness of my body's sensations and have tapped into the ability to alchemize pain, trauma, and negativity within a supportive container. I thought that sexual empowerment coaching would give me more confidence in the bedroom, and that's certainly part of it, but there's so much more. I discovered the inner strength to process my grief, feel more deeply, and bask in a meditative presence more often in my daily life. I'm able to give myself the approval I had been seeking, and empower my inner goddess to create and attract the abundance, beauty and magic that I know I deserve.
Francesca's coaching is gentle yet strong; she is able to quickly mirror/narrate any difficulty and apply one of several practices that have become her toolbox for opening up and allowing the natural wisdom of the body to heal itself. I'm so grateful I said YES to this course, and have been incorporating these tools into my own practice as well. I feel that as I step into greater self-love, centering and finding my inner resources are almost second nature and I can show up even more for my clients, friends and family.
Thank you again, Francesca, for your diligence, your creative and fun personality, and your impeccable service to women's transformation. You've made the secretive and sometimes intimidating world of sexual healing and tantra accessible to more people, and this power can heal so much wounding. Together we can do anything - I'm so grateful for our connection."

“I can not recommend Francesca Loux more! She has incredible skills in space holding with such a grounded, gentle and inviting manner. In every session I’ve had with her I have felt held, deeply seen and understood. I’ve also felt a sense of ease and safety in sharing my most vulnerable issues.
Francesca earned my trust after just the first session we had together and I knew that every part of myself and experience would be welcome. I love the way that she leads breath work, somatic processes and embodiment tools. She has a way of explaining things that helps me to really understand what we are doing and why, which is so helpful when resistance comes up!
Francesca has helped me to release old beliefs about myself and some that I didn’t even realize I had!! She has helped me to increase my feelings of worthiness, lovability, self-acceptance and confidence. I enjoyed our sessions so much that I have decided to work with Francesca again to further deepen and expand my relationship to my sexuality and gain full confidence in who I am!”
 — Jess

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